Special Product Applications

 “Ege Sterile” Surfaces from Ege Vitrifiye!


Having sanitary surfaces of toilet seats and washbasins both in our homes and in social areas prevents many diseases and health problems. Nowadays, as the designs of the products evolve, their functional features also gain importance. Ege Vitrifiye carries the responsibility for producing antibacterial and hygienic products for its users with R&D activities.


This structure of Ege Vitrifiye which does not harm other living and environment apart from bacteria and harmful microorganisms, which has the certification of "TS 13420 / Ceramic sanitary ware with antibacterial surface properties", has the name "Ege Sterile". Products with " Ege Sterile " application prevent bacteria formation with special surface properties.


" Ege Sterile " washbasins and toilet seats have hygienic properties and these properities have been proven both by TSE laboratories and by fully equipped accredited laboratories. Antibacterial particles embedded in nanoscale inside the glass matrix were activated by sintering to achieve lifetime effect. Since it is an environmentally friendly and human-friendly material, it creates safe living environments in public life areas such as education and health institutions, restaurants, hotels and nurseries. In anti-bacterial tests conducted in the relevant laboratories, it has been understood that it inhibits reproductive processes of micro-monsters that threaten our health, such as Escheria coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans. (ISO 22196, JIS Z 2801)



Selge; aesthetic, stylish, attractive and now antibacterial!


Selge series is with you for a unique hand touch of your bathrooms ...

Selge series raises the class of your bathroom with its unique design, ductless washing system and antibacterial surfaces. With "Ege Sterile” application, it creates hygienic products that you can use safely and healthily. Selge, which reflects elaborateness and difference with elegance that adds value to your home, is the new form of classiness.