Quality Policy

Quality Management


Ege Vitrifiye A.Ş. is continuing its efforts to establish Management Systems based on the Customer, Employee Satisfaction, from which it draws its strength, and environmental influences.

In all of its activities, it is operating with the understanding that;


·         Producing products with quality to meet market expectations and needs,

·         Maintaining the sensitivity to the environment in all processes

·         Being customer-focused in providing customer service and satisfaction will also bring with them the customer satisfaction.


Ege Vitrifiye A.Ş. have aimed to use high technology in all the works carried out from the Design and R&D activities to the customer service and to further strengthen these advantages with the Management Systems.

Ege Vitrifiye A.Ş. Management Systems have been prepared in line with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO / IEC 27001 Information Security Management System standards, and efforts are underway to improve all services within these standards.




  • We commit to meet the expectation of our customers in main and target markets by developing new designs, new production technologies and long term strategies in Ceramic Sanitary Ware sector,
  • To direct the production capacity in the most efficient way in line with the requests from our customers and marketing channels and to present our products to the consumers under the guarantee of the company,
  • To prevent environmental pollution by reducing our wastes during our activities and increasing our recycling rate,
  • To increase the awareness of our employees and all of our stakeholders and to implement and continuously improve the implementation of the requirements of ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 14001 EMS, ISO 10002 CSMS, ISO 27001 standards with the participation of all our employees,


  • To create channels in which our customers can easily communicate their requests, suggestions, satisfaction and dissatisfaction,


  • In all processes from complaints receipt until reaching solution; to act fairly, objectively and impartially to all interested parties within the framework of our laws and our company's terms,


  • To control our customer satisfaction processes in terms of transparency, traceability, privacy principles,


  • Being aware of the fact that the customer satisfaction system starts from the employees, to inform the employees about all the processes and to adopt a customer-focused approach by providing the trainings they need,


  • To effectively manage risk factors and possibilities that may affect reaching our targets within the scope of corporate risk management approach and to continuously improve all processes,
  • To increase the awareness of all our employees and stakeholders and to implement and continuously improve the implementation of ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 14001 EMS, ISO 10002 CSMS with the participation of all our employees and to ensure legal and other compliance obligations.