Human Resources



Our main principle is to provide an equal opportunity for everyone when employing. The students underwent training in our company are the potential candidates.

Application Channels

In order to apply for a job in our company,

  • Please send your curriculum vitae to the e-mail address below electronically.

Mail Address:

Ankara Asfaltı 35170 Kemalpaşa / İZMİR


The selection/positioning process will be started when we receive your application. Your application will be examined and evaluated in context of currently available positions. Curriculum vitae you sent us will be covered in the application database and will be open to any evaluation in future.

The framework for employment process in Ege Vitrifiye has been being established considering any available positions, promotions, assignment, and organizational changes. When recruiting employee the company's application database, websites and consulting companies are used in order to meet the need. What is evaluated for candidates is their know-how, experience and personal characteristics. The ones who are assumed as appropriate for a job during the evaluation process will receive a job offer and recruitment procedures will be executed.




Training and Development

We aim to provide any need of our employee in order to make them become focused on success and enriching themselves as well as the job
they do. In accordance with this purpose at the end of every year we provide them a “Training Request Form” in order to allow any appropriate training and development program and to meet those needs.

Training possibilities for students

Ege Vitrifiye providing training possibilities for students chance to determine its potential employee other then its contribution to the sectoral development by this way.

In the direction of vacancies training possibility is provided for the students from university and vocational high-schools. Students from high-school may undergo training in their study semesters and the ones from university in summer. College students are allowed to apply only by the Compulsory training forms that they can receive from their school. Students applied for the training will be accepted in the direction of interviews.

Summer Term: College students are expected to apply for the training before the end of May in that year. Job placements are completed on position-available basis and trainings are performed in June, July, August and September.

Training Application Form for High School and Collage Studentsnsideration in deciding reward, training planning, career planning, and promotion practices.